10 legen-omnomnom-dary DU college canteens and kiosks that you just can’t miss!

Before we begin, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the college canteens for making us believe that no matter how boring the lecture gets, canteen food won’t ever get boring; for being the saving grace for hostel people who were tired of the boring mess food.

A sincere thanks to the canteen bhaiyas who cooperated with us when the hunger pangs drove us crazy!

Canteen is the place where there’s more attendance than in the lecture halls. It’s the place where we feel like at home and chill like a boss. And food is an integral part!

So, here’s a list of 10 legen-omnomnom-dary college canteens and kiosks in Delhi University that you just can’t miss out!

St. Stephens College :

Don’t call this one a canteen or we’ll give you a judgemental look! This is a cafe and just like the college, it’s known for it’s delicious food which is served in nice white china with sophisticated cutlery. Try out their mince cutlets and chicken momos. Also, their Chicken curry and rice is a hit.

2017-08-1-20-49-10Picture Credit : www.hungryforever.com

Hansraj College :

Hansraj College’s canteen is a huge canteen that can easily accommodate over 100 people. The canteen serves fresh, hygienic food. Their popular combination, Chocolate frappe with grilled sandwich, needs no introduction. Also, try out their beautiful spring rolls.

2017-08-1-20-50-15Picture Credits : www.hungryforever.com

Kamla Nehru College :

We’re kinda jealous of those girls who study here because the college canteen area is sooooo good! One can easily confuse this place for a mini food court! Their pretty canteen has different kiosks like that of Nescafe and Coca Cola. Give their Chole Bhature and Rajma Chawal a try! P.S. their milkshakes are toothsome! And brownieeeeees too!


Delhi School of Economics :

Known as D-school, their canteen is famous for offering mutton dosa, mutton cutlets and masala coke. Hello, good food! Hello, content taste buds!


Hindu College :

When it comes to canteens, Hindu is the clear winner. This college is elaborate and offers everything from Chinese to North Indian Thalis. The Shahi Paneer and Naan is to die for. Apart from an amazing canteen, Hindu also has a small hangout place called PAM (Pizzas and More) which serves lipsmacking grilled sandwiches and cold coffee.


Tom Uncle Maggi Point :

Can’t live without maggi, can ya? Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point offers over 50 types of maggi, their Cheese Masala and Chilli Paneer Cheese Maggi being the clear winners!

2017-08-1-21-16-03Picture Credits : @nandita_snorlax

XCO- Xchange Over Coffee, Patel Chest :

Not just food, but great food. Junkies know it, so should you! This place is situated opposite to Miranda house. If you think you’ve never fallen in love, try their Mud Bud and XCO Burger. Ya know, all it takes is one bite to fall in love!

2017-08-1-21-17-06Picture Credits : @hungrydilliwaali

Tony’s, Vijay Nagar :

Raise your hands if you got yourself a jar of nutella and finished it in one day! Because love got no limits, right? Tony’s offers a number of nutella sandwiches along with peanut butter toasts! Their menu is simply yum! They’ve got Jelly Bliss and Nutella Creme sandwich that one can totally eat and not regret, ever!


Chowinghee, Satya Niketan & Bungalow Road :

There is nothing better than having some hot rolls with your favorite stuffing when you are broke and hungry. The rolls starts from ₹30 bucks and it is enough to satiate your taste buds and hunger. And don’t forget to pair it up with your favorite shake!2017-08-1-21-43-56

Kev’s, Satyaniketan :

Situated at the start of Satyaniketan, this place is known as “maggi point”. They’ve got 40 types of maggi, chillers, shakes and rolls! Try out their fruit beers because they’re simply flavourful! Add a mexican maggi to your order and you’re good to go!


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