5 Super Cool Things To Do With Your Girl Gang This Summer in Delhi!

Delhi is back with a bang with its horrible summer season. Sure, it comes with a lot of gorgeous flowers as well, but the fear of a heatstroke is already killing us! But ladies, we cannot let it kill our plans with our veeres! You can still enjoy with your girl gang without having to worry about draining foundation or getting gulped down by the sun itself. Look at our suggestions and tell us which one would you like to opt for in the scorching Delhi sun.

1. All the water babies, give us a hey!


                                                                                                                          Picture Credit : delhipedia.com

Who even said that you cannot go and have fun at a water park once you get older? Well, nobody! What’s better than some thrilling water rides and splashes of wave pools across your beach bodies to get rid of the Delhi heat? So what if we don’t have beaches in Delhi, we do have water parks for that aqua craving. Go, relive your childhood moments with your girlies and abandon all the stress at a water park of your choice. Oyster’s, Splash, or the good ol’ Fun n Food! You have it all. And please don’t worry about how your body is not fit enough to adorn a cutesie swimsuit. Because, it is gorgeous as it is!

2. Get your jumping jacks out

sky jumper

                                                                                                                    Picture Credit : groupon.com

In this heat, it’s probably a good idea to stay indoors as much as possible. But would that stop you from having fun? Hell no, since we’re here! Delhi’s half-brother Gurgaon, now Gurugram, has a gigantic trampoline park at Sohna Road. Named Sky Jumper, the trampoline park also has a cafe for your hogging needs. What’s more? Every Thursday, they have a ladies night with live DJ and great food! So, get your gang off their lazy bums and get jumping.

3. Ice it down

ski india

                                                                                                                          Picture Credit : whatsuplife.in

Who says you cannot control weather conditions? Ski India: Noida offers you India’s largest snow park with amazing snow sports like skiing, bobsled, sledging, ice skating and much more at -10 degrees temperature! Would you crib about heat even then? We don’t think so! The snow park is located in DLF Mall of India at sector 18, Noida.

4. Shop till you drop


                                                                                                   Picture Credit : designforuminternational.com

No, shopping does not mean sweating like a pig in the lanes and bylanes of local markets only. As long as you have huge malls in Delhi NCR, your summer scene should be sorted, ladies. Be it an all time favourite Select Citywalk, Saket or the gigantic DLF Mall of India, Noida, choose whichever is good for you and while you’re at it, do remember to take out time and enjoy a nice luncheon with your veeres at a nice and cozy cafe.

5. Watch a movie


                                                                                                                          Picture Credit : mid-day

Catching up with your girl gang with a movie is not at all a bad idea. You can have delicious caramel popcorn and some nachos, along with your favourite fizz and watch a nice movie. By the looks of the trailer, Veere Di Wedding seems to be a movie you absolutely cannot skip on with you girlfriends. So, get you veeres out and have the most amazing girl gang fun ever.


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