8 off beat places you should try for your next coffee date!

Coffee is a blessing to the mankind. For some of us, it’s an indispensable treat that we need for everyday to survive the world. It’s just something UHH-MAY-ZINGG about waking up to the smell of coffee and sipping it to enlighten our souls! You got me, right?
And we also know that you are bored of people dragging you to cliché coffee places!

And guess what? We’ve listed some places that’ll surely make you jump outta your beds for your next coffee date!

Happiness in 3….2…1..

The Hippie Trail, Hauz Khas Village :


The Hippie Trail is a warm café tucked in the bylanes of your favourite Hauz Khas Village. You’ll have to go and explore the lanes to get here! Not kidding! But all worth it! Go there and enjoy your coffee along with the delicious breakfast that they serve!

Chokola, Cyber Hub :


A sweet bakery situated in 4 locations across Delhi. You can’t do with just coffee here! The smell of the food has some magnetic powers too. Oh, man! THIS PLACE GOT ME DROOLING ALREADY!

 The Coffee Shop, PVR Saket :


This is a quiet café serves some really delectable coffee in those typical American style. This place not only serves variety of coffee but also has a wide range of lip smacking Italian dishes.

 Raro, Defence Colony :


In your so called ‘Def Col’, this place has everything nice. The food, the seating area, the vibe, the interiors and the COFFEE! This bakery also serves some amazing pastries and fast food.

Bonne Bouche, Defence Colony :


A French café in Defence colony is perfect for your date with coffee. The interiors are amazingly beautiful and the vibe is very soothing. Apart from really amazing  coffee they also serve delicious French and Italian cuisine.

City Socialite, SDA Market :


Do you have those days when you just want some music and that good coffee and some crowd around you? You have it all. City Socialite is a place that wouldn’t disappoint you with anything! Order anything that you like on the menu and you get it without burning a hole in your wallet!

Woodbox café, Satyaniketan and Vijay nagar :


If you happened to study in DU, you know what I’m talking about! Yes, college people talk about the nachos and shakes here! But do you know anything about the irresistible coffee that they serve? Hit this place for your next Sunday brunch. And you’ll know why!

The Coffee Bond, Uday Park :


Before you zomato or google this place, we’d request you to directly take an auto from Green park metro station and visit the place. Trust us, you’ll be in awe of this beautiful place. Yes, it’s a bliss to sit here and relax and drink coffee. Oh, and some more coffee please!

*Sniffs coffee*
*Follows the aroma*

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