8 Best Places In Delhi To Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings!

Would that soul be anything without some sugar and fun?
Come on, just think about it!
We all love desserts! Yes, we do! Don’t deny that you didn’t eat that Gulab Jamun secretly when all the guests left! Even when Pammi aunty forced, you resisted the temptation! But sugar is magical, it calls you back!
So here’s something for each one of you! Something out of the mithai box!

Niice Cream, Saket.

What’s some ice cream with liquor? Suuuuuuper coooooool stuff!
Next time you decide to take a break from shopping, go to Niice cream and order an ice cream from their liquorish flavours and pat your back. I suggest you to try out their Irish Whiskey flavour and experience some heaven!

So you just watched How I Met Your Mother and the American inside of you wants some American vibes? Worry not! We have this classic American Diner, resting inside India Habitat Centre to satisfy that craving! Also, I ask you try out their Lime Pie and Cheddar Crust Apple Pie. And the next thing I know is you getting your flight tickets to the States!


In sickness and in health, till diabetes do us part! The glutton inside of you is bound to come out when you see their menu! You have a lot of options but for some unique experience, try out their Salted Caramel Popcorn cupcake. All right, I know you’re already thinking about trying out their cakes. Can’t keep calm, right?


Kunafa, Lodhi Colony.

Aladdin had a genie who could grant him wishes. You have Kunafa, that serves amazing stuff. Yep. The names could confuse you but that makes the place even cuter! Try their Egyptian Basbousa or simply Kunafa Bel Jibna and please, try out one variant from their Baklava. Did you read it as Balaclava?


Bings Cafe, Saket.

Some of the Asian food lovers are already screaming on the inside because they know something awesomesauce is coming their way!
Bings cafe is a Korean cafe that serves Korean food, just the way you want it! So, try their different varieties of Bings. If any doubt, go for Bings Bings. No, we did not say Chandler Bing.


Whipped, G.K.

Is this the best place for desserts or what? Cakes are real soft and the cream, which is made in house by them, is certainly the smoothest I have had till date. Their “JAKE’ which is served in a jar is totally worth trying for.

Maison Des Desserts, Hauz Khas Village.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of HKV, there lies a beautiful French Bakery tucked at the end of the lane. It is quaint, very pretty and cosy. It is a hidden heaven for all dessert lovers.

Mahabelly, Saket.

You don’t meet Mallus, they happen to you! I don’t know how far this is true but Mallus are amazing people who have amazing cuisine to offer! Zee best thing from their dessert menu, after the legendary Payasam, would be Sweet Coconut Dosa with Ice Cream and Banana Jam.

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