Beat the Heat with these 4 Off Beat Destinations for a weekend getaway!

If the unforgiving Delhi summers are being hard on you, fret not! Here’s a list of destinations you can drive off to for a quick and relaxing weekend getaway because they are located at a distance of 300 km and below from Delhi.



Located at a distance of around 250 km in Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is now a popular rejuvenating spot for many Delhiites for weekend getaway. The best-suggested route from Delhi is via Meerut and guess what, the view starting from Kotdwar all the way to Lansdowne is exquisite! It is a calm hill station with a breathtaking view of the hills.



Located at a distance of about 300 km in Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli is a small hill-town and a cantonment area with breathtaking sunsets and a peaceful environment. The route for Kasauli is mostly hassle-free if you take NH 1 from Delhi to Ambala and then NH 22 for Kasauli. And you can also stop by for a pit stop in Chandigarh!



                                                                                                      Picture Credit: Travel triangle

Located at a distance of about 300 km in Uttarakhand, Chakrata is a cantonment town between the Tons and Yamuna rivers. The best-suggested route is via Karnal that runs through Haryana. Chakrata is the perfect place for some relaxed unwinding over the weekend.



                                                                                                        Picture Credit : Travel Triangle

Located at a distance of about 300 km in Uttarakhand, Bhimtal is a small town only a few kilometres from the very-popular Nainital. The best-suggested route from Delhi to Bhimtal is via Moradabad with various pit stops on the way. Bhimtal is best known for its scenic Bhimtal lake, which has an island at its centre that can be accessed through a boat.

So, what are you waiting for? Tag your friends to make a plan right away!

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