7 Awesome Beers under Rs 200 to Keep You Cool and Refreshed during Delhi Summers!

Summer has almost arrived at our doorstep. And beer is tailor made for this thirsty season. No pair is as perfect as beer and summer. Delicious and refreshing, beer is a great way to unwind after a long, hot day. From wheat to fruit beers, to summer ales and brisk lagers, the flavor possibilities are endless.

So, we have tried to pick beers that are available in a decently wide swath, or atleast regionally prevalent.

1. Hoegaarden :

One of the most popular wheat beer in Delhi, the beer is very smooth and crisp on the palate. This witbier is light, refreshing and thirst quenching.

2. Peroni Nastro Azzurro :


This lager beer is Italian in origin. The taste is light and is very delicious to drink.

3. Bira 91 White and Blonde :


Launched in Delhi in 2015, this beer has caught our attention. Crafted for the Indian market but brewed in Belgium, Bira is wheat beer with fruity citrus aroma. It’s mild in taste and tastes amazing.

4. White Rhino :


A new entrant in Delhi market, White Rhino is available in two variants. A Belgian style wheat beer and a Munich style lager. It’s different from others as it has orange zest which sets it apart from other beer options that are available.

5. Witlinger :


Launched in 2016, this mild wheat beer is refreshing Belgium style with a lingering taste of orange zest and spices. The flavour of the beer makes it easy to drink it any time of the day.

6. Miller :


It is a classic American style lager known for its crisp and smooth taste.

7. Mahou :


This Spanish lager characteristically has elegant and faint malt aroma and is very refreshing in taste.

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