Best buffet dinner in Delhi that you must visit for an amazing experience!

When you’ve got food on your mind but no nickels in the pocket, a la carte menu just doesn’t seem to cut it. At times like these, buffets are what appeals to our senses. Just the thought of those silver trays, piled high with food, is enough to make your pupils dilate and your fingers itch for a plate to grab on to. But frankly, after so many visits to the local buffet around you, the place feels like a wedding reception now. The same old Shahi Paneer, Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani isn’t enough to leave you drooling anymore. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Well we’ve got the solution for you! Check out this awe-inspiring collection of the quirkiest buffets in town:

 Gastromonica Kitchen and Bar, Greater Kailash

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They have an amazing Sunday Brunch spread and includes Unlimited food, beer and  sangria! From appetizers and salads to pasta, pizza and dim sums (never forget the dessert!), the choices are huge. All this scrumptious will set you back only about a 1000+ bucks.

 Global Food Factory, Rajouri Garden

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This elegant little place is famed as Delhi’s largest International brunch and offers a humongous variety of cuisines. Indian? Oriental? European? Tex-Mex? You name it, they have it! Do try their Wood fired pizzas. A weekend brunch will cost you about 680 for vegetarian and 780 for a non-vegetarian spread. Not bad at all,  we say!

 The G.T. Road, Connaught Place

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A relatively new restaurant in the hub hub of C.P., this place is apt for a lavish family dinner. Featuring unique dishes like Rasmissi Murgi and Bhuni Phaldari Chat, it’s a new twist of taste on the same old buffet block. You can enjoy this delicious spread for a most economical price of just 450 per person for a weekend lunch. Pro Tip: Featuring a massive spread of Indian sweets, it’s a must try for the Phirni and Rabri lovers.

Band Baaja Baaraat, Rajouri Garden

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Though it sticks strictly to a North Indian menu, Band Baaja Baaraat has blown away the regular norms of a North Indian buffet by introducing a ‘Chaat’ section, starring our beloved Pav Bhaaji, Gol Gappe, Palak Patta Chaat and what not. Combine that with a charming ambiance, and we are all set for a night of unlimited hogging! The salvation for lunch on a weekday would be about 550 for vegetarian and 600 for non vegetarian. Pro Tip: Retain space for the main course even if the starters look like ambrosia.

Jungle Jamboree

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Accenting its extensive seven course menu combined with a jungle theme, this place is straight out of your imagination. The starters are heavenly and the main course leaves nothing to be desired. Aside from that, the restaurant boasts a variety of drinks, rather than the plain old colas and lemons. A weekend meal in the afternoon will cost about 750 for vegetarian and 875 for non vegetarian.

Royal China, Nehru Place

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If you adore Pan-Asian delicacies, then the Royal China Tasting Banquet should definitely be on your ‘to-hog’ list. Though a little steeply priced at 1550 per person, the menu includes a colossal spread of dim sums and main course that may bring on a foodgasm. *gasp* Pro Tip: The Banquet is only available for a minimum of two and maximum of ten people.

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