SEVEN awesome places in Delhi that a DOSA lover must visit!

Regarded as best morning breakfast one shouldn’t miss the variety of Dosa that Delhi has to offer.

Here are the list of places serving amazing varieties of Dosas :


dosa 1

                                                                                                           Picture Credit : Yogesh Sarkar 

Saravana Bhawan is a legacy in itself. And, if you like South Indian food you must have had at least one visit to this place. If not, you’re missing out! Dosa is served with Sambar and 3 types of Chutney. It is delicious, nicely roasted and filled with joy of eating. They serve different varieties of Dosa like Onion Rava Masala, Coconut Rava and Dry-Fruits Masala Dosa. Ever heard about the Paneer Dosa? You get it here too.


dosa 2

                                                                                                              Picture Credit : 

Naivedyam is specially known for their quick service and must-have Dosas. Try their Panchatara Rice speciality Dosa and Mysore Rava Masala Dosa. Besides authentic South Indian food, Naivedyam is also known for its ambience. The restaurant is decorated with Thanjavur-style murals and black bamboo furniture giving you the feel of south. The place is always full so you might have to wait for your turn to grab the delicious Dosas.


dosa 3

The ambiance, the music, the food- we loved how they have managed to add the essence of travelling in the train to everything. From the presentation of food to the service, everything is just on point. The food is great. But since we are talking about Dosas, let me introduce it to you- The Imly Way. We still cannot figure out the secret ingredient that they put in their dosas but, whatever it was, it was all worth the single penny. It had cheese and some other stuff which did a great job in making us go WOW. Taste it yourself to get the feeling.


dosa 4

Apart from the basic dosa like plain dosa, masala dosa, ghee dosa; the Ginni Dosa steals the show. It has cheese and masala. Yes! CHEESE with the masala. Also, the restaurant is really good for all kind of street food from round the country. The place is very affordable and does full justice to its concept. The interesting interiors and the nostalgic songs make your visit a memorable one.



                                                                                                            Picture Credit : Archana’s kitchen

Are you a pizza fan? I have got something for you. Thank me later. The place is really really affordable. So affordable that two people can full their stomach in just Rs 250/- Talking about the most awaited, the PIZZA DOSA. Oh wow! Delhi never fails to satisfy the tastes of all. Fast service. Peaceful Ambiance. Experimental Food. Hygienic environment. The place also provides you the facility of home delivery, in case you want to enjoy the pizza dosa in your bed.


dosa 5

How far can you go with your Dosa imagination? Let me help you with that. American Chopsuey, Dry Nut Masala, Chilly Paneer, Cheese Paprika, Spring and Punjabi Dosa. What else? And what if I tell you that all these Dosas are just not your imagination, they are real? Yes, you find the widest variety of dosa at this place. The list is so long that I cannot name it all myself. You literally got to try the place.


dosa 6

                                                                                                              Picture Credit : Archana’s kitchen

The concept of the place is related to the India’s longest highway, NH 44. The restaurant offers cuisines from across India. From Kashmir to Delhi to Lucknow, the place has all the tastes in its menu. Great concept and perfect place to try the food from various states. The place offers Paneer Makhani Dosa which is just awesome.

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