Ready yourself to pig out and dip your tongue into the best Fondues in town!

Ready yourself to pig out and dip your tongue into the best Fondues in town! Do you convert into an insatiable beast when you think of chocolate? Are your dreams made up of cheese and bread and cheesy bread? Worry no more, for we have just the fix for you!

1. The California Boulevard, Rajouri Garden and Gurgaon

Chocolate Fondant 2

A traditional Swiss fondue, prepared by meting variety of cheese, this stuff is straight from the dreams. Served with a side of steamed broccoli, some carrot sticks, cucumbers and crackers, it’s bound to leave you spellbound. And it’s priced at just 400 bucks.

2. The Blue Door Café, Khan Market


This cute little breakfast place in Khan Market brags about four(four!) different varieties of Fondue, both cheese and chocolate. Ranging from the Classic Cheese and Spicy Chicken to a Bacon and Cheddar Fondue, each serving comes with a side of croutons and veggies. The price ranges from about 500 to a maximum of 800 rupees. Hint: They do an exceptional Chocolate version too, with assorted candies, marshmallows and sweetbread.

3. Spaghetti Kitchen, Tagore Garden


A bit different than the others, this restaurant serves a spectacular version, with paprika and nutmeg flavored cheese, melted along with a dash of wine and presented with cubed French bread. Just a tad expensive at 1250 bucks, but the taste with have you squirming in your seats.

4. Chocolateria San Churro, Greater Kailash


They offer a decadent Fondue with your choice of their finest couture chocolate, served with mini Churros, chocolate brownie pieces and marshmallows. All of this, for just 600 rupees. We kid you not. But if you are perhaps feeling too much like a fat hamster and want to tone it down a little, order their Fruit Fondue.

5. The Chocolate Room, Multiple locations

chocolate fondant 3

Their specialty is a wide selection of Dark, Milk and White chocolate made from finest French cocoa. You may also choose from a variety of dips like brownies, bananas and butter cookies. It’s also the most reasonable priced of the lot, at just 399 a serve. Pro Tip: They also do an awesome Curry Fondue and the regular Bread and Cheese ones.

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