Our hand-picked selection of the best affordable Italian restaurants in Delhi!

Do you imagine a world of happiness? A world that has got the perfect aroma of tomato, basil and cheese along with some sparkling wine? If you, with your complete heart and soul, love to submerge yourself in the flavours of Italy, here’s something for you.
We’ve got you the best Italian restaurants in the city that’ll make you swing with the best of the authentic flavours without really bombing your wallet!

Fresc Co., Janpath :

fresco-03Picture Credits : Delhi-Fun-dos
This superb restaurant in the heart of the city has got our hearts itched onto their menu! With a blue and white ambience that soothes the mind, they’ve got some fancy food for ya’ll to have. We’re seriously asking you to skip your meal to stuff food in your bellies since they have nice spread in the buffet!
Price for two: INR 1900 (approx.)

Smoke House Deli, 5 locations :

This place may have a collection of kickass burgers but do you guys know anything about their cuisine from Italy? Hurry up, this place floods with people so you better book your tables and enjoy your meal in the most picture perfect ambience.
Price for two: INR 1600

Spaghetti Kitchen, Tagore Garden :


With elegant interiors and beautiful vintage wall lamps that decorate the walls of this small café, this one’s a safe bet. Bring along your Italian army and have a ball here. Their Platter Of Delicious Bruschetta and Sicilian Garlic Chicken is a must try. Don’t forget to relish their Pizza Margherita!
Price for two: INR 2000 (approx.)

Italian Cultural Centre, Chanakyapuri :

This should be the first place in your list because why not? It’s the Italian Cultural Centre, and you can’t really skip this place. Authentic food in outdoor seating area? Check. And nobody does Italian better than Italians! But before you start going crazy, you should know that you need to be a member of ICC and getting a membership is super easy.  So, don’t wait.  Just get it
Price for two : INR 2000

La Vie, Khan Market :


In the best of the markets in the world, La Vie promises you an experience you’ll remember forever, and an after taste that’ll call you back again! Their ambience is well done in yellow and olive green, all good and bright! And their menu is so cheesy, might as well flatter you! (Or maybe FATTER you!)
Price for two: INR 1400

56 Ristorante Italian, Golf Course Road :


This spaciously done fine dining restaurant brings out the best of Tuscany with the finest flavours! And whatta menu! A complete delight for non-vegetarians! Choose from their Antipasti (starters) and Pesci (Fish) or some Carni (meat). You will be pleased!
Price for two: INR 2200

Leo’s, MG Road :

160117LeosPizzeria@GGN02Picture Credits : LBB Delhi
Recently, a new café opened in the city and almost drove us crazy with a cute menu and heart-warming ambience. Leo’s, a café run by two cousins, serves limited yet exceptionally good pizzas! Their wood fired oven is the charm of the restaurant! Plus their pizzas are so light, you won’t even feel guilty of eating. Bonus? This place is really quaint and a perfect pick after a long, exhausting week!
Price for two: INR 1200

The Pasta Bowl Company, DLF Phase 4 :


Why didn’t this place ever get any mentioning? This one’s bagging all the points because? Such awesome food and drinks menu. Like, why buy a ticket to Italy when you just have the best of food here! Pasta Bowl Company just know their food and our tummies well. We urge you to go here in the first place and tell us that we did a great job!
Price for two: INR 1300

Enclosing, we’d like to quote Joey Tribbiani-“Pizza, we like Pizza!”

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