Wondering where to migrate to for the weekend? Follow the birds & go to Bharatpur!

Birds of the same feather flock together; but at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary birds migrate together, venture together and pose for beautiful photographs together! Just 200 km away from Delhi, Bharatpur is the perfect  getaway for both nature lovers and bird enthusiasts. As birds of varied types fly thousands of miles to escape the harsh winters in Outer Mongolia, Siberia and other places with unforgiving chills.

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Bird watching, is more than a hobby for ardent fans, it is almost an addiction. The variety offered is mind boggling and the patience and skill required for spotting some of them is special. In addition to remarkable patience you also need to have an encyclopedic memory to identify the birds and to differentiate one species from the other. About 250 species of birds visit the sanctuary all year round and from October onwards another 150 more species wing their way in till march. India is a major bird watching destination with the country accounting for 12 percent of all the birds in the world.Untitled design (26)

Bird watching now a days has become a recreational activity, as it gives a unique kind of calmness. This joy is difficult to describe and quite out of the ordinary, however you will get hooked as soon as you try it. Your everyday worries, that nine to five routine with two more hours of commuting is tranquilised, as you watch a bar headed goose (bar headed geese can fly over 26000 ft) relax in the white lily filled marsh. 

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The fragility of a tiny warbler, the power of a steppe eagle or the beauty of a green footed pigeon these birds will leave you with a sense of awe as to how far beyond these creatures have adopted from the ultimate evolutionary leap of flight. Untitled design (28)

 This season do make the trip and experience a separate peace among beautiful birds of Bharatpur!

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