Love Bombay snacks? Bombay brunch has got it all from Bhel to Bhaji!

And sometimes, all you want to do is take a stroll on Chowpati while the breeze sweeps your hair to one side, and then head on to the shacks to grab some yummy street food! Bombay feels hitting us right there! And now that you’re in Delhi, you can at least have your favorite Bombay style snacks, if not the beach!

Aye Boss, from Bhel to Bhaji, Bombay Brunch in Satyaniketan has got it all. *Fist pump*
bhel puri                                                                                                                    Picture Credit :

This place is not difficult to locate as it happens to be at the start of Satyaniketan, welcoming you and your squad with a cutesy Pani Puri thela! Their Chowpati special section comprises of lip smacking snacks like Sukha Bhel, Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri and all that stuff that makes your eyes and tongues go wow!

If you’re into the classic Bombay Sandwiches and been thinking about all the Churchgate station vendors who provided you your everyday breakfast once upon a time, you’ll not be anything but satiated with their Veg Grill sandwich!

They serve amazingly soft yet crunchy Vada Pav with chutney (Duh!)  that you could pair with your cutting chai. And their Dabeli will make you do Da-belly dance. (Lame pun intended)

vada pav 2                                                                                                           Picture Credit :
Also, stuff in their mouth watering Pav Bhaji, and if you fancy some cheese, go for the Cheese Pav Bhaji. And if you’re a Puneite, you’ll have a ball for they have Misal Pav too! They’re also winning our hearts with some real good Cheese dosas. Wholesome and yum! P.S the average pricing for two is Rs 400! Overall, Bombay Brunch is a yes for food, pricing, service and ambiance!

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