Spiked Noms: Try your hand at these booze infused delicacies!

Tired of downing shots and gulping truckloads full of beer? Well, have you thought about eating your liquor, instead? No, we ain’t kidding. Take a look at these booze infused delicacies!

Sharabi Parantha


                                                                                                                                      Picture Credit : lbb

Stuffed with dry fruits soaked overnight in alcohol, this dish is bound to make your taste buds tingle! Gobble it up for just INR 265 (cheap AF, right?!) at Not Just Paranthas.

The Whiskey Cheeseburger


                                                                                                             Picture Credit : thehungrymonkeyyy.com

A tenderloin patty suffused with whiskey, laid on a bed on of pillowy sesame bun and topped with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. Life will seem perfect once this burger has made its way into your belly. Score this for INR 595 at The Hungry Monkey

Smoked Whiskey and Hoisin Veggie Bao + Pina Colada Ice Cream


                                                                                                                          Picture Credit : Foodelhi

If you’re a hard core fan of the fluffy, steamed little buns, visit Whisky Samba for the most amazing variety of boozy baos. They’ll cost you anywhere from INR 250 to 400. Moreover, this chic little place also boasts of having some pretty eccentric ice cream flavours. Go and see for yourselves!
Pro Tip: The Chilli Garlic Shrimps in White Wine are worth trying, for sure.

Pink Vodka Pasta

Available at the Open House Café for INR 495, this is definitely a steal deal! Penne tossed in a creamy tomato sauce with a side of crispy, buttered garlic bread is enough to make us drool.

Sharabi Chicken

kadhai chicken

This is your typical Masala Chicken Tangri marinated in booze and roasted on an open flame for that perfect smokey flavour. Get it at Showstopper for a modest price of INR 435.

Chocolate Ball On Fire

chocolate ball of fire

A chocolate dome covering bits of brownie, coffee cream, nuts and whatnot; flambeed by pouring rum and setting it afire. It’s equal parts fun to watch and eat! Dig into this at Pa Pa Ya and end your evening on a sweet (and tipsy) note.

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