Five best relaxing Getaways from Delhi!

A part of Delhi’s charm as a city is that it runs at a pace that no one can match and is sometimes slightly stressful. Most of us grown-ups, even the ones who are just pretending to be so, look forward to the weekends to find some room to breathe. We dream about travelling to places which are magical and filled with adventure and where our lungs are not corrupted by the level of pollution in the air. Just Delhiing brings to you 5 weekend getaways that will help you find your calm and breakaway from the regular hustle and bustle.
1. Lansdowne: Located in Uttarakhand at 1,706 meters (5,686 feet), the town is surrounded by thick Oak and Blue Pine forests. One of the most scenic towns in the country and just 250 kms away from Delhi, Lansdowne promises to give you your share of tranquility and relief. 
2. Narkanda: Known for its breath taking views, Narkanda is located about 60 kms away from Shimla. It has an average elevation of 2621 metres (8599 feet). While here, do make some time to visit the Hatu Peak, which is at 11000 ft and just 5 kms from Narkanda. You will definitely not want to miss this!
3. Rishikesh: For all the adrenalin junkies, who look for a certain peace that can only be found in a little chaos, Rishikesh is the place to be. The camping experiences in this town are known to be one of a kind.
4. Pushkar: This picturesque little town is known to be the home for the only Brahma temple in the country. With amazing ghats in the center of the city and hills and deserts surrounding it, this place is the best escape for the weekend.
5. Jim Corbett and Nainital: A perfect place for a rendezvous with the wild and the free, this weekend getaway is located 300 km from Delhi and is very well connected by road. It has the natural serenity of the lakes and views that will leave you mesmerized.

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