Hurry up and Grab your Burgers at the ongoing Burger Fest at Cafe Yell

You must’ve heard about Defence Colony’s brand new offering, a new age boutique café that goes by the name of Café Yell. This brand new venture is in the form of an Italian styled café that focuses quite simply on excellent coffee, great food and hospitable service. The place has got a cosy little seating and eccentrically vibrant interiors, with spools of thread dangling all over. Cute, eh?

Cafe Yell Burger Fest

                                                                                                                            Picture Credit : Chic Life Byte

But what has really grabbed our attention is the on-going “Burger Festival”, which is basically the addition of an interesting (and scrumptious) new menu. After all, sweet dreams are made of buns and cheese! They’ve got everything from Piri-Piri Cottage Cheese to Tex-Mex for the herbivores. Whereas, the meat eaters can indulge in a Laal Maas Patty or a Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger.

And they follow it up with a complimentary coke to wash that burger down. Ladies, you may now order a Diet Coke to make the experience seem guilt-free.  So hurry up and grab your burgers, people, because the deal is on till the 31st of July!

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