Delhi Metro : Entertaining Characters we all have come across during our Metro Rides!

The Delhi Metro is like the entire Delhi on a platter. You meet so many crazy people that sometimes it can be an experience and sometimes it’s a nightmare.

Here are some of the people you must have bumped into every now and then :

1. The Peeping Tom :

Delhi Metro : Characters

This person lacks entertainment. And since they don’t have any of their own, they will stare into your phone and probably have some feedback about what you should text your boyfriend back.

2. The Sulky Face :


These are mood ruiners. If the Grinch had babies it would be these people! They need to make a face at everyone and everything! Sometimes you are forced to wonder wonder if its stuck that way.

3. The Loudspeaker :


They are the most annoying people ever. Somehow these people don’t know how cellphones work. They feel it is absolutely crucial that every last coach of the metro can hear about their niece’s engagement.

4. The Mini Kitty Party :


This group walks in together and sits across each other and begins their little kitty party. There is loud laughing, passing around of Tupperware full of snacks and their constant struggle in life is to manage to find seats with each other.

5. The Gobblers :


These people have no shame. They shall shamelessly open a packet of Kurkure while the entire starved coach shall stare at them pleasantly chewing their munchies.

6. The Metro Police :

Delhi Metro

These people are the illegal authorities who will read you the entire metro rules and regulation handbook that only they have access to. Their Motto : Mah Life Mah Rulz!

7. The Floor Hoarders :

These people are like your annoying siblings that have eaten their entire share of the ice cream but they still want a little bit of yours. Not only do they sit on the floor but their luggage takes up more space than a baby elephant.

8. 10 Minute Bestfriend :


Its so rare to bump into someone like this but when it happens its like magic! You will meet your soulmate on the metro and for like 10 minutes you both will giggle and plan to be friends forever but once they get off at their station you never meet again. Harsh reality.

9. Selfie Alert :


For reasons unknown to mankind,these people believe the opportune time to click a selfie is with random strangers breathing down you neck and giving you ugly stares!

Nightmare or not, these are the people that add flavor to our lives! And no matter how monotonous life may seem, your metro ride home wont be ordinary!

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