Check Out This Place In North Campus That Has Fire Ice Cream!! *whhaatt*

Move beyond cold stone ice cream, this place in North Campus offers fire ice cream! Yes, you read it right. The ice cream is literally lit! At Red Cherri, you can choose any flavor of your choice and they would perform mystical magic on your ice cream. Trust us on this, when you see your fire ice cream getting lit, it’s surely gonna blow your mind. What’s even better is, priced at just 60 rupees, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket like other fancy ice cream places.

Fire Icecream 🔥
We found a cutesy icecream parlour in Vijay Nagar (North Campus) by the name Red Cherri Icecreams which serves Fire Icecream *whattt* 😱
The fire does add a good texture to the Icecream!
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Posted by Just Delhiing on Sunday, 27 May 2018

The ice cream is beaten in the manner of cold stone ice cream and then literally set on fire. The place offers some really interesting flavours, ranging from classic chocolate to summery kacha aam. Plus, they have more crazy varieties of ice cream concepts like ice cream tacos, ice cream pizza and ice cream buns. It’s conveniently located opposite to the Mother Dairy outlet on Vijay Nagar’s double storey road.

So, wait no more and enjoy the perfect combination of hot and cold with fire cream this season.

What: Fire Ice cream

Where: Red Cherri, Vijay Nagar

Price: 60 rupees ONLY!


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