Chocolate Gol Gappa to Nutella Pizza! We’ve got them all at The Chocotella Fest 2.0

We’re sure you must’ve heard some whispers about The Chocotella Fest being back in town and guess what *drumroll* the rumours are absolutely true, people. We’re coming for you and we’ve got the most unbelievably scrumptious noms for you to hog on! What’s in store this time? The time period has gotten extended to a full-fledged 2 day event so that you can demolish all our munchies without having to look up at the clock.

nutella brownie

In addition to that, there are more than a dozen stalls to dole out everything you can think of. You know what that means? Variety! We’ve got everything you may dream of, from sweet to savoury and anything in between. Think Chocolate Gol Gappas, Nutella Pizzas, Sandwiches and Burgers, Chocolate Caramel Donuts, Nutella Freakshakes, Pies, Truffles, Cupcakes, Waffles and Ice-creams to name a few.

nutella 2

Drooling yet? Don’t worry if you feel yourself gettin’ high on all that sugar, we’ve got you covered with munchies ranging from pizzas and momos to tikkas and kebabs. Soothe your parched throats with beers (yay!), cocktails and mocktails. Moreover, we’ve also got some fun contests for you guys, so keep an eye out on our official handles and you can win big!

nutella picture

So if you’ve accepted Nutella and chocolate as your one true love, get ready to have your taste buds blown away, this festive season!

Date : 7th and 8th October’17 (Saturday and Sunday)

Venue : Villa Del (erstwhile The Nest), 5 minutes from Saket Metro Station

Timings : 12 to 9 PM

To know more : The Chocotella Fest

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