The Chocotella Line-up is lit! Treat that you cannot miss this weekend!

Delhi’s one and only chocolate and nutella themed fest (The Chocotella Fest) is getting closer and if you plan to attend (who wouldn’t?), you should definitely take a sneak peek at the goodies we’ve got in store for y’all. Go on; test your willpower with our sinfully delicious plethora of desserts.

For God’s Cake :


This cutesy little bakery has paved its way from the Hudson Lane and is now counted among the big dogs. They’ve got some finger lickin’ Cake Jars, Waffle Sandwiches and Cheescake Pops. And if you fancy dipping your wafers in a pot of melting chocolate, they also do an amazing Nutella loaded Potato Twister!

Jambox Shakes :


Name one person who doesn’t know about the recent trend of piling your shakes high with brownies, cookies, whipped cream and whatnot. But if you happen to be a freak-shake virgin, Jambox Shakes have got you covered.

Let’z Roll :

letz roll

Freshly made nitrogen ice-creams with truck-loads of nutella and toppings thrown in with abandon. Need we say more?

Love Is Cakes :


Their tagline says all, doesn’t it? Were truer words ever uttered? Love is indeed, cakes. But cakes are not all they’ve got. Look out for those Nutella Cookie cups, tarts, mousse and a lot more.

Waffled Up :


Ever tried waffles? We bet that you’ve never tried a Waffle Burger. Or Red Velvet Waffles. Or a Nutella Waffle Cake. Here’s your chance to try it all, peeps.

Rolling Pin Bakery :

rolling pin bakery

Say hello to Nutella Pizza, Pretzel brownies, macarons, cronuts and cookie fries dunked in melting chocolate. Did we make you drool yet?

Momotarian :

momotarianPicture Credit : lbb

Delhiites have got a soft spot for momos. But these guys are a going a little eccentric in their innovation of the Nutella Momos! It’s definitely a thing that should be on your bucket list.

The Angel’s Kitchen :


Do you consider yourself more of an Indian dessert guy/gal? These people have got you covered with their Chocolate Rasgulla Shots! And while you’re there, do try out those Oreo fritters and the Chocolate Golgappas.

Sweeter Delight :

sweeter delight

Trust us; you don’t want to miss out on this one. They’ve got a live counter showcasing the preparation of Nutella Waffle cones and Choco-nutella Burgers! And as if that wasn’t enough to lure us, they also have some awesome Kitkat Pastries and Nutella tarts, cupcakes and brownies.

Baked and Wrapped :

baked and wrapped

March up to their stall and demand for a Nutella Macaroon or a Cake Pop. You won’t be disappointed. They also have a scrumptious Tiramisu and Rum Cake in store for ya!

Street Feast India :

Take the party up a notch with their Nutella Pizza and Curly Fries.

So wipe that dribble off your chin, grab some stretchy pants and book the dates for a weekend full of gluttony!

For more information : The Chocotella Fest

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