You Won’t Believe These 7 Countries Are Less Populated Than Delhi!

We love Delhi and all Dilliwallahs alike but we all can agree with one thing in unison: Delhi is highly populated! Be it a daily ride in the metro or a drive back home from office at peak hours, the rush and sheer number of people that one comes across in Delhi on a day-to-day basis is enough to drive anybody nuts! As per the latest UN survey, the total population of Delhi is around 25 million! What’s more? There are full fledged countries which are less populated than Delhi!! *whaaaat*

You would be shocked to see some of these names!



                                                                                                       Picture Credit: Lonely Planet

Bollywood’s favorite country has lots more, err..less to offer than those snowy mountains and lush valleys. Its population is just 8.081 million which is almost equal to the population of one of the zones of Delhi!

Sri Lanka


                                                                                               Picture Credit: Insight Guides

Touted as the next tourist favorite country, the neighboring country Sri Lanka has a population of around 20 million people.



                                                                                            Picture Credit: World Atlas

This beautiful country is not only one of the safest countries for women, it also has a meagre population of around 5.08 million only! Guess we have one more reason to visit Norway now, other than to watch the magnificent aurora borealis or northern lights.



                                                                                                 Picture Credit: techinasia

If you want to travel to any of the Asian countries, you cannot give Singapore a skip. It has amazing tourist attraction spots and with a population of just 9.34 million, us Delhiites would find it an easy breezy space to travel!

New Zealand

new zealand

                                                                                   Picture Credit: Youtube.Com

The Kiwi land has a population of 4.471 million only. This tiny island country never fails to surprise us. Fun fact: New Zealand is one country which has no land snakes!



Everybody’s 2018 FIFA World Cup favourite Croatia leaves no stone unturned to shock the people across the world and we saw it in its matches throughout the world cup. As far as the population statistics go, Croatia has a population of only 40 lakhs, which is even less than the population of North-West Delhi! What’s more? In India, almost 30 lakh people sat for the SBI PO exams this year, which is almost the size of an entire country!

We don’t know how many of us can actually get to go to these countries ever. So, why not start with making our city a much better place to live! Change has to come from us!

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