Borrow a Human as a Book at the all new Human Library in Delhi!

Delhi folks, something cool’s ’bout to happen this summer!Rather this Sunday! We’re talking about this super cool event of Human Library! And before you run to google it up, we’ll brief you a bit!

The concept of Human Library is simple. Pretty much like a library, you choose a person from one of the given categories of your choice and listen to their story/experience for about 20 minutes! The idea is to break the ice between people coming from different backgrounds and learn about the experiences of the individuals. Getting in depth knowledge about your subject or ‘book’ through one on one conversation is what makes it unique!

Human-Library 1

Originating  in Copenhagen, Denmark in the year 2000, Human Library has made its way to over 70 countries ever since. Human library debuted in India in 2016 in Indore and then opened its gates in Hyderabad and Bombay, and is now finally coming to Delhi!

Neha Singh, book depot manager of the Delhi chapter, told Indian Express that, event will have ‘books’ from 11 categories, ranging from a recovering drug abuser, Buddhism practitioner and tea-seller turned author to female solo traveler, cancer survivors, bullying victim and a history chronicler.

Where: Innov8 Co-Working Space, Cnnaught Place.
Timings: 1400 hours-1900 hours.

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