Eight Super Foods to keep you Super Cool and Hydrated this Summer!

Guys, Summer is back, and so begins the season of air conditioners, fans on full blast, countless helpings of Rasna or Squash, and yes, ice creams!
But most importantly, it’s the time to provide your body with these Super Foods that keep your body cool and bloating at bay.
Get your trolleys ready!

1. Cucumbers :

cucumber super foods

Cucumbers are great. They’re 96 percent water, which means they hydrate you and keep your bodies cool. They help flush out toxins, and taste great. Yeah? Also, they make your skin glow ‘cause of all the vitamins and mineral content in them. Cucumber salad, anyone?

2. Lemon :pexels-photo-70242

Lemon doesn’t really have to be paired with tequila or vodka. Just squeeze some lemon in a glass, add some sugar and some iced water! Voila. Have your lemonade right there! Or just add a dash of lemon juice in your salad. Thank us for the health benefits later!

3. Watermelon :

watermelon super foods

Not only does this pulpy, full-of-seeds fruit look good on a nice white plate on a hot day, it carries a lot of nutrients that are a must for your body! Containing about 92 percent water, this super fruit is rich in antioxidants and carries other benefits like helping aid digestion, relieving sore muscles etc.

4. Mint :


Nothing smells as great as fresh mint leaves. Dayum! Mint leaves have got cooling properties so they’re super safe bet for summers. Just throw some mint in your yoghurt or add it to your summer drinks. Such refreshing, very relaxing, much wow!

5. Coconut water :


Coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. And so, it’s simply an effective way to hydrate your body during summers. It’s also a great way to prevent kidney stones, indigestion, constipation and infections. Naariyal Anna is clearly slaying the summer game!

6. Sugarcane Juice :


This drink is the best way to get your sugar fix in blistering summers. Sugarcane juice has got zero fats, and contains only natural sugar. Being sucrose rich, the drink is easily absorbed by your body. Hence, it’s an excellent drink to replenish the lost fluids in the body. Win win!

7. Buttermilk :


If you go to Rajasthan or Gujarat, this is one drink the localites swear by. Why? Because buttermilk cools your body, soothes your stomach and prevents dehydration. Plus, it’s super easy to make at home. Just curd, water and some basic spices. Tadaa!

8. Leafy Greens


We can sense that disapproving face coming already. But honestly, stock your body with greens like Spinach, Lettuce, Kale, etc. They fill you up, boost your immune system, hydrate your body and help lose weight. Blend ‘em up or consume ‘em raw in salads or sammiches. Yum!

BONUS? All the items listed above are cheap af and help you look great! Aren’t the best things in life almost free and easy to get?

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