This Harry Potter Themed Cafe Is Going To Make Every Dining Experience Magical!

Amidst the monotony of the day-to-day grind, we all crave a little magic in our lives. Which is probably why fantasy series like Harry Potter have remained long-standing favourites throughout the years – they help us escape to a whole new dimension.  Adding to the magic, we have a Harry Potter themed cafe right in our city by the name Platform Nine and Three Quarters. The cafe is located in Vivek Vihar and it will not be an easy find – but you definitely gotta go!

The interiors of the cafe showcases stills from the movie, lots of artwork and also a 9 3/4 station board!

They serve everything from Continental to Chinese and a meal for two would cost approx ₹600 *woooah*

This may sound too magical to be real, but it is!

Where : Shop No.1/2 D.D.A Market, Satyam Enclave

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