Hidden books in the Delhi Metro! Did you find one yet?

Project “Books On The Delhi Metro” originated as the brainchild of a young couple – Shruti and Tarun, who got inspired after watching Emma Watson doing the same. Meant to propagate their love of reading, they used to leave books, hidden in any nook or cranny of the Metro for a person to find. In addition to that, a clue was posted on their social handles to assist the populace. Sounds fun, no?

Hidden books delhi metro
Lately, the couple has gotten a hoard of over 30 volunteers/fairies who help them drop books at different stations, each day. The idea is to entice people to pry their eyes away from their phones and promote their mutual love of books. So the next time you board the metro, make sure to survey your surroundings, coz you just might find one. And when you’re done reading it, pass it around and spread the love!

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