Four Instagram Pages You Should Follow To Boost Your Mental Health!

Mental health in India is neglected to such a horrible point that it is almost a taboo to even initiate a discussion about them. Recently, Deepika Padukone had come out in public to talk about her battle with depression and we felt that there is a need to shatter the silence around it. Mental health is important but how does one deal with it in a country like India where there are only 5.6 psychiatrists for every 1,00000 Indians! There are times when people are not able to go for therapy or that one-hour session is just not enough.

In such scenarios, it is helpful if one is able to find a community of sorts where people are dealing with similar issues. Taking recourse to literature and art can also make one feel better, though we strictly do not claim that it can replace therapy or medicines. Mixing that with this generation’s obsession with social media are 4 such Instagram pages that majorly deal with mental health and can perhaps help you in making you feel that you are not alone in this.

The Artidote

The page is run by Jova Ferreyra from Germany. It involves artwork from across the globe coupled with quotes that resonate with it, aimed at building a community to empathize and bond. Ferreyra recently came for an India tour as well, which was received with huge success.

 The Blurt Foundation

The Blurt Foundation is a non-profit organisation that recently brought out the book, ‘The Self-Care Project’ which aims at helping people with depression. You can expect comic strips as well as self-help articles on their page to aid you in battling depression.

 The Official Sad Ghost Club

The Sad Ghost Club takes you on a ride of dark humour as well as reassuring posts and comics. The page immediately makes one feel that they are not alone in their journey of mental health issues. What’s more? They even have pretty cute merchandise to pick you up from dark moods instantly.

 It’s Ok To Talk

It’s OK To talk is an initiative that aims at collecting narratives and experiences of those dealing with mental health issues in the form of videos, quotes, art and lots more. When one comes across a 20-something guy in some city in India, kilometers away from where you are sitting, speaking about his struggles with anxiety, there is a sense of comfort that you can expect to feel. They further work towards community engagement and capacity building programmes.

Stop taking mental health for granted and talk about it. You’re not alone.

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