Here are 5 reasons why Jugmug thela should be the venue for your next date!

We decided to put this thing down because, well, it deserves a mention! (And also because we too went crazy after visiting this place!)
Without wasting much time, we’re asking you to explore one of the hidden gems, Jugmug thela, tucked in the lanes of Saidulajab. And before you ask why, we’re giving you 5 reasons to do so!
jug mela thela

Beauty, Beauty And Beauty!

This place has been designed so beautifully and yet has kept the elements so simple that you can’t resist but fall in love. Basic wooden decor, plants and a nicely done gravel path makes it stand out!

Heavenly Brews And More.

This place not just serves amazing chais and coffees, but also does some awww-nest iced teas. Caffeine lovers can simply submerge themselves in the beauty of the place whilst sipping on some artisan blends!

Wholesome Toasties And Cookies!

Mama, who does toasts so well? They’ve gotta a real nice section of cheese toasts and paninis made with multigrain bread, and if you can’t do the sammich, go for their cakes and biscuits. Holy lord of baking!

 Give A Break To Chaos.

Nope, it’s not one of those places filled with loud music and yada yada over pints of beer! Away from all the crowded hubs, it’s calm and has a totally different vibe that’ll make you wanna unwind over soothing cuppas after a hectic day!

Lit with lights!

In the evenings, this place looks like a total beauty with yellow lights and all that stuff! Perfect for that next coffee date with your special one!

Best time to go : Preferably in the evenings!
Nearest metro station : Saket.
Average price for two : INR 550.

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