An exotic Lion Safari, just a stone’s throw away from Delhi!

Tired of work-laden weeks and boring weekends? We’ve got the perfect antidote to battle your monotonous routine. Seems like the Haryana government is planning to have a lion safari at an area within 100 km from our beloved capital. Majorly meant to boost tourism and attract national plus international tourists, the plan will soon be put into action to develop an experience similar to the Gir forest safari.

lion                                                                                                           Picture Credit : Lonely Planet

Luckily for us, the probable locations for the setup are going to be Gurugram, Rewari and Mahendragarh; chosen due to their relatively peaceful surroundings and availability of plenty of land. The project has a budget of around 1000 crore (woah!) and will double up as a breeding program for Asiatic lions. So get ready to trade in those booze-filled weekends with some adventure, y’all!

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