MAJNU KA TILLA- A smart guide on what to shop and where to eat!

Just a stone’s throw away from the north campus of our beloved Delhi University, lies the tiny locale of Majnu Ka Tilla. Known by few and ignored by some, this place proves to be a haven in terms of food, shopping and culture. This place acquires its name from the nearby Majnu ka Tilla Gurudwara and is a popular spot among the Tibetans, who started settling here from the early 60’s. At least now, you won’t be suspicious when we say that the food is utterly authentic. A nondescript looking gate ushers you into “Aruna Nagar”. But once you reach past the main street, you find a little piece of Tibet, right here in Delhi! Ensconced within its narrow lanes are numerous marvels, from food to culture, and everything in between.


Choosing a single restaurant can be a headache, especially when there are a hundred of them nestled in those tiny lanes! Well we have it all sorted out according to your moods and preferences.

For the Coffee lovers

Akha-Amma-cafe 1

It’s a sin if you haven’t visited AMA Café and it’s a bigger sin if you left without trying their Caramel Frappe and Mud cake. Pro Tip: Daredevils may also try the Thu, a type of Tibetan cheesecake and the Bhod Ja, the Tibetan butter salt tea. The Rigo Coffee House is also popular among the locals, especially if you want a little ‘me’ time. For the ones on a date or looking for a cute little secluded café, tucked away from the hullabaloo, we recommend the Kham Coffee House.

For the Chindian Lovers 

rigo 1

Accept it, we all love our Oriental food with a dash of Punjabi Masala. Even if you don’t, all the places mentioned here do serve authentic fare too. So hog on! Do visit the most popular Rigo Restaurant. Their star dish are the ‘Devil Momos’, fried momos in a spicy gravy. They do an AWESOME thukpa too(and in so many varieties!). But if don’t wanna deviate from the love of your life a.k.a Chilli Potato and noodles, then don’t worry, it’s available too. Moving on, try Tee Dee if you are craving some amazing Pork Chilli and Sweet n Sour Chicken. Dolma House, another popular spot, deserves a mention for their fine Curries and Cantonese style noodles.

Pro Tip: Order a Shabaley or Tingmo(Tibetan steamed bread) to sop up the curry. And order an Apple Beer at Rigo’s to quench that thirst. You won’t regret it!

For the Street Food Lover


Their local dish “Laphing” is quite popular. It can be consumed dry or with a cold soup and is quite a new experience to embark upon. Numerous street side vendors can be found but the most popular is the one besides the Monastery.

For the authentic Korean food lover

The Busan Korean Restaurant and Kori’s are among the most popular, and they have quite the spread, ranging from Bibimbap and Kimchi fried rice to Spicy Pork Ramen. Well, whatever be the choice, the good news is that it’s all pocket friendly, with no tax and additional service charges and a meal for two will only cost you about 500 to a maximum of 1000 bucks!


Screenshot_20170619-223026 (1)

The market is an amalgamation of shops and street vendors, huddled up in every corner. You’ll get whatever your heart desires, be it colorful tees, cute flip flops, jeans, pendants, posters, kurtis or whatnot. A number of shops sell fake but believable copies of footwear of every brand you can think of. Nike? Adidas? Puma? Gucci? They have it all. But be aware, as shops like these are quite open to bargaining. So haggle all you wish to.

Many small number of shops also sell Travel gear. These are a little hard to find but the results are worth it! Apart from footwear, many cute little stores offer trendy bags and hip clothing. The summer jackets and blouses, tees and skirts and denims are adorable! Some establishments are offering a bit of everything, from Free-Tibet leather bag packs, posters, figurines, prayer flags, fake jewelries to incense sticks, bracelets and badges. It is a great place to shop for souvenirs, apparels and accessories.

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