Momos Ban- Delhiites are you prepared to live without Momos?

Momos are an amazing therapy. They’re cheap, filling, yummy and can be literally found in every street! Especially in the case of Delhi! This popular Tibetan snack that made its way from Yashwant place to every locality in Delhi has been loved to bits and bites!

“I’m too full to eat momos’, said no Delhiite ever! But what happens when someone asks you to completely give up on such a holy snack? You lose it!


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  1. Henna says

    Exactly, not done. If he’s concerned about cancer causing matter , he should ban cigarettes, alcohol and root causes of pollution if he’s so into health matters…
    I think consuming anything out of limits is bad.

  2. Sidharth says

    I think Mr Ramesh Arora haven’t tried Tandoori Momo’s opp Venky College or Masala Momo’s at Kamla Nagar, Sir you please try I am sure you will lift the ban LoL.
    Now it’s not just a Tibetan snack,its India’s Staple Food.

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