Napoli Pizza is dishing out some impossibly delish pizzas, this side o’ town!

Fancy yourself a pizza person? Is pizza (and wine, of course) in bed, all you require to be truly happy in life? Yes? Then take a load of this charming little delivery spot, that’s popped up in Safdarjung! Seems like the Pizza Gods have heard our cries, because Napoli Pizza has landed in Delhi, y’all. What’s the fuss all about?


This is a one-of- a-kind pizzeria that dishes out unbelievably toothsome and 100% authentic, Neapolitan style pies, with a recipe taken right off the street of Naples. Freshly made, in a wood- fired oven (duh), and slightly charred around the edges to give off that delicious smokey flavour, their pizzas are an instant hit. Don’t even get us started on the perfect amount of toppings, the chewy, doughy, buttery crust and the lip smacking pizza sauce made from imported tomatoes. Cheesus Christ!

The icing on the cake is their extremely pocket-friendly prices for a standard 11 inch pizza. The Giardino is a must try and will cost you about 500 bucks. Crazy, right? So, if you’re tired of the usual Farmhouses and Chicken Tikka Pizzas, then honey, do give this joint a try!

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