An Old Delhi Guide For Your Very Own Iftaar Party at Jama Masjid!

Ramazan is the holy month for Muslims all over the world where they observe a month long fast. Abstaining from food and water for the entire day must be so difficult, we can only imagine! But hey, there comes purani dilli to the rescue. Near Jama Masjid, you will get the best food to relish for iftaar, that is when the fast is broken. The lane in front of Jama Masjid turns into a foodie’s paradise with the hustle bustle of massive crowd and scrumptious food which is so easy on the pocket as well! Delhi may not have its share of Baba Siddique’s iftaar party, but here is your guide to have your very own iftaar party.

Pyaar Mohabbat Sharbat


This would be the best start for your food walk. It’s a refreshing mix of milk, watermelon and Ramazan essential Rooh Afza. It’s served ice cold and will leave you wanting more in this hot Delhi summer.

Price: Rs 10/20 per glass

Qureshi’s Kebabs


                                                                                                     Picture Credit:

Once you move further into the lane, you’ll find Tahir Qureshi Kebab Corner which has the best Mutton Seekh Kebab in town. The eatery is 70 years old and the expertise shows in the delicious, juicy kebabs. They’ll melt in your mouth in no time!

Price: Rs 100/full plate

Aslam’s Butter Chicken


                                                                                                         Picture Credit: Foodiye

Right opposite to the Pyaar Mohabbat Sharbat stall, you’ll find Aslam’s Kitchen. To all the dilliwallahs who swear by butter chicken every day and night, this place is your own heaven. The butter chicken tikka with rumali roti combo is surely bound to tingle your taste buds with their buttery wonder.

Price: Rs 450/full plate

Al Jawahar

al jawahar

                                                                                                        Picture Credit:

Another iconic Old Delhi eatery, Al Jawahar promises to deliver the best Chicken Changezi and Mutton Korma, and boy, do they succeed! The aroma, the taste, the texture are so authentic that they can wonderfully transport you to the Mughal era.

Price: Rs 690/full plate & Rs 360/half plate

Cool Point

cool point

                                                                                                                Picture Credit: thedelhiwalla

Now that you’ve had your share of main course, head to some delicious desi dessert at Cool Point. This tiny souk has Shahi Tukda as its speciality. Served with rabri, Shahi Tukda is the best option to soothe your dancing taste buds from all that spice before.

Price: Rs 20

Sultan Ji Sweets & Snacks


                                                                                                         Picture Credit: thedelhiwalla

Crave some jalebi, anyone? Well, you’ll get here exactly that but even better! They have amazing mawa jalebi which is black in colour! Bye-bye, goth ice cream! They also serve delectable gulab jamun to satiate that sweet tooth of yours.

Price: Rs 20

Ramazan Mubarak!

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