Delicious Hot Hot Buns and a lot more at the newbie cafe Papa Buns, Satyaniketan!

It was another afternoon when we were wanderlusting in the streets of Satyaniketan, looking for a nice place to curb hunger pangs when we came across Papa Buns.

Papa Buns

A man, standing outside the cafe, said “We serve the best buns” while handing us a pamphlet. And to our delight, we were not disappointed at all. Indeed the best buns!
Call it a bun cafe or cutesy bakery, this place serves amazing buns and a dish of South African Origin, Bunny Chow. They also serve  nice beverages and baked goodies. (Cookies ftw!)
And here’s the real deal. They bake buns right when you order them! Just imagine nibbling some hot buns coming straight out of the oven with your choice of toppings such as chocolate, coffee, caramel, strawberry etc.
Of course, not to forget hot Bunny chow, which is basically hollowed out buns with delicious gravy like chicken curry or paneer masala. (Are you drooling alreadyyy?)
Bunny Chow Papa Buns
They serve amazing, like really amazing cold coffee and shakes, giving your old school coffee shops a run for their money.
Shake Papa Buns
Talking about the ambience, the place is darn good to be just labelled as a bakery.
On the whole, we just want you try out this gem of a place quick!
Meal For Two : ₹ 250
Where :  Shop 286, Satya Niketan
Zomato ranking : 3.4

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