Check Out The Perfect Summer Cooler On The Streets With Pyaar Mohabbat Sherbet!

Summer is just round the corner. Or has it already arrived? Delhi weather, urgh! We have the ultimate summer cooler to quench your never-ending thirst. Move beyond mint mojitos and chilled beer, people! We are talking about the Pyaar Mohabbat Mazaa Sherbet of Purani Dilli.

The drink is basically everybody’s childhood favourite Rooh Afza mixed with ice cold milk, richly loaded with watermelon cubes. It might seem very basic but that could not be far from being true! It is sheer love poured in the form of a drink. The drink is affectionately called Pyaar Mohabbat Mazaa Sherbet by its sellers who sit opposite Jama Masjid in Old Delhi. And rightly so.

Pyaar Mohabbat Sherbet

In this scorching heat of Delhi, Pyaar Mohabbat Mazaa Sherbet comes off as a delicacy! The rich drink costs meagre Rs 20 for a glass! In the era of toxic carbonated drinks, get your hands around this milky wonder for a relatively healthier option. Moreover, you have the best concoction of summer faves! Watermelon, Rooh Afza, milk and lots and lots of ice! The drink is a summer favourite and is sold exclusively in summers.

So, next time you are out trying some lip-smacking chicken at Aslam’s or just out there soaking in the Old Delhi vibe, do not forget to sip on some Pyaar Mohabbat Mazaa Sherbet. You can kiss goodbye to the deadly Delhi heat wave in old school style this summer and we are sure your doctors wouldn’t complain much as well!

Happy health and happy drinking, folks!

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