SHOP ALERT! Sarojini Nagar Market Has Just Gone Digital, Y’all!

Remember that hot and sweaty day, when you trudged along on a graveled road, lugging hoards of white polythene bags filled with cheap (but incredible!),jeggings and t-shirts, desperately searching for the Lemon-Soda wale bhaiya?


                                                                                                                           Picture Credit :

Well, fret no more, because our favorite market is now online. Great news or what?! Courtesy of Mohammed Adil, this platform is an outreach for the Tier II and Tier III cities and will provide us all with affordable fashion choices, sourced directly from our beloved Sarojini.


                                                                                                        Picture Credit :

Their USP is low cost, high quality merchandise, without the hassle of battling maddening crowds. In fact, most of the products on will be priced between INR 300 to 400 *gasp*. The inventory may seem a little sparse right now, so stay tuned to shop your hearts out!

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