Sudershan Store: Stationery Heaven Has A Name In North Campus

Stationery lovers, we have found your paradise right in the heart of North Campus, the famous Bungalow Road! Sudershan Telecom: Stationery, Gift Items & Music Accessories is the one-stop station for all your stationery needs, craft work and more. Situated on a small lane, right next to the McDonald’s outlet on Bungalow Road, Sudershan store is really easy to find. They have the cutest stationery items, including pens, diaries and papers we’ve ever seen!


For all your craft work, DIY projects, personalized gifts that you like to make from scratch, this stationery shop in Kamla Nagar is a God send. Sudershan store has washi tapes, the kinds you see in fancy YouTube tutorials. They have numerous varieties of paper and when we say numerous, we’re talking one whole room full of papers! The store has glitter sheets, foam sheets, handmade sheets, pastel coloured papers, textured papers and lots more! You can also get an assorted notebook of sorts with different kinds of papers and patterns if you can’t decide which ones to buy and which ones to leave. (Because that’s going to be so difficult!)


Sudershan store also has lots of cute pens and sketch pens. So, if you are into some hand-lettering, calligraphy or are creating your own bullet journal or simply like beautiful pens with variety of textures and nibs, this is the go-to shop for you. Being a stationery shop, they also stock up on stamps, stickers, clips and more. You can also get tiny wooden versions of clothespins to achieve that Pinterest perfect polaroid-photos-on-a-string wall. And yes, there are also lots and lots of diaries in different sizes and covers to make your lectures more bearable. While you are at it, you might want to check out their wide range of gift items and mobile accessories like earphones and covers as well.

So, head on to this amazing stationery shop in Kamla Nagar and forget the hassle of buying cute stationery online without even having touched the stuff!

What : Sudershan Telecom: Stationery, Gift Items & Mobile Accessories

Why : Because they have the cutest and widest range of stationery in North Campus!

Where : 33-34 UB, Bunglow Road, Behind McDonald’s

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