This hidden gem in HKV is all you need after a long tiring day!

Somewhere in the hippie streets of Hauz Khas Village lie some hidden gems, that are far away from the loud music and rustic vibes of the crowded bars and pubs. They’re beautiful, serene and take all your stress away. One of them happens to the the Tea Room by Blossom Kocchar!
When we first took a glance of this place, we were spellbound! This gem has been beautifully done with simple wooden furniture and comfy cushions along with some elegant lighting. So far, so charming! The windows open up and there you have the breeze sweeping away the white curtains in the most delicate way. The house is filled with a beautiful aroma and a shelf full of books to choose from!And not just with the ambience, this place is bound to sweep you off with its range of bites and teas! Their all day breakfast menu is always fresh and scrumptious! They also do some decent pancakes and open sandwiches.
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Talking about the teas, they serve some really lovely teas such as Mint, Lemongrass & lemon leaf & Mishri, Organic Cinnamon & Honey in the warm tea section. Ice teas are superb and you can’t simply miss their coffees. They do the South Indian Coffee pretty good. They cater for the hot chocolate maniacs as well.
If you like it sleek and smooth, go for the smoothies. On the whole, if you want to spend a great day in a very relaxing environment, this is the place to be! Go solo or with your little nut head and unwind!

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