The Best of Nutella desserts that you absolutely cannot miss at The Chocotella Fest!

Do you have the power to resist a jar of Nutella? Do you have the power to eat just one tiny spoonful of Nutella each day? We’re team Just Delhiing, and our power is to finish a jar in less than a day.

And if you’re anything like us, it’s time for you to book your Sunday with us, at The Chocotella Fest. A fest where you won’t regret getting wasted in countless servings of Nutella treats.

We’ve got this list of all the stalls and the nutell-ey food that you just cannot miss at The Chocotella Fest. Stop yourself from drooling if you can!

1. For God’s Cake :

The Chocotella Fest

Making it’s way from the Hudson Lane, this bakery is ready to serve you Nutella Fries, Nutella Cigar, Nutella Donuts, Nutella Cappuccino Pie, Nutella Waffles and Cake Pops, Nutella Roulade and some gorgeous shakes.

2. All Things Sweet :

The Chocotella Fest

This baker literally makes everyone fall in love with All things sweet. Look out for her stall and give Nutella Marshmallow Sandwich Cookie, Gummy Cookie cup and Spicy Nutella Dip a shot!

3. Sweeter Delight :

The Chocotella Fest

Get ready to witness a live Goodie Waffle Cone making session and fall in love with its taste. It’s gonna be crunchy, chocolatey, nutella-filled, and nom-nomy! Get a customised waffle cone for yourself and give your eyes a surprise!

4. Love is Cakes :

The Chocotella Fest

Say hello to another Home Baker whose passion is to bake and spread happiness! Her Nutella Lava Muffins, Nutella Macarons, Nutella Cookie Sandwiches are enough to make you do the happy dance!

5. Street Feast India :


If there’s one slightly off beaten food rule to live by, it’s that practically everything tastes better with Nutella. And Street Feast India is taking this rule to the next level by bringing Nutella Pizza and Nutella Burger! Yes, you heard that right! Nutella and Pizza! Can their be a better combination?

6. Chocestra :

The Chocotella Fest

Feed the wannabe American kid in you with Chocestra’s yum Cookie Dough Cups, Rocky Road and Granola!

7. Baked and Wrapped :


Head with your army to their stall and relish Nutella Cinnamon Roll, Nutella Churros, Nutella Chocolate Cake Pops,Nutella Oreo Balls, Nutella Popcorn and Nutella Waffle Sticks!

8. Let’z Roll :

Nutella 4

Hey, you! Get your fix for some crazy Nutella and Chocolate Nitrogen ice cream at their stall!

9. Jambox Shakes : 

If you’re a freak shake freak, hop to the Jambox Shakes’ stall and delight yourself with some Dark fudge with (Ferrero Rocher and Nutella) and Oreo Overloaded Shakes.

10. Rolling Pin Bakery :

The Chocotella Fest

Serving some really scrumptious stuff like Nutella Pretzel brownie, Nutella Mousse pots and customized Nutella Pizza, this stall is sure to make you go Sha la la la la!

What are you even thinking now? Get goin’. Sunday is almost here!

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  1. L hart says

    Love the idea of Oreo and Ferrara shakes.

  2. L hart says

    Love the shake idea of Oreo and rocher shakes to share with santosh bahtia(s) of India and new York.

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