Five Crazy Things That Could Happen If Delhi Rains Like Mumbai!

It’s one of those days when you wake up not because your maid has switched off the fan. You’re just sweating like an onion because of the hot weather in Delhi. Weather forecasts promise that you will find some relief by evening but who are we kidding? But since we love making things up in our blank heads, we thought of this imaginary world where the crazy Mumbai rains will come to Delhi. Now, sit back and enjoy the aftereffects of Mumbai rains that Delhi is bound to face.

Is Yatra Mein Thoda Vilamb Hoga


The weather seems cooler due to the showers but that hasn’t gone down very well with the metro. You’re sandwiched between a hair goddess who is offering you her waist-length loose hair right in your face and a sweaty uncle whose armpits smell like somewhere between old socks and your neighbourhood naala. Since this is not enough, you hear a ding! “There will be a short delay in the metro. Asuvidha ke liye khed hai.” Rajiv Chowk’s practically a mine field anyway.

Surge Charge: Now Available in Battery Rickshaw Too!

I mean Ola and Uber are definitely gonna add an EMI option for the ride payment because Select Citywalk se M-block jane ke liye hi 1100 lagenge. Forget taking a cab for your office in Cyber Hub. Taking inspiration from Ola and Uber, battery rickshaws also have a surge charge feature. Thanks to yeh mausam ki baarish!

Ladka Nikla Hua Hai

Because let’s face it, you know you suck at adulting and cooking your own food is not something that’s up your alley. And you probably have the nearest Udupi restaurant’s number on speed dial. With the arrival of oh-so-amazing Mumbai rains in Delhi, you know you’re going to be hearing “Ladka nikla hua hai” more than I love you’s from bae.

Minimum Attendance Who?

This is more of a wishful thinking. The Delhi rains are ruining your plans to eat at the latest café at Hudson Lane with your college gang anyway, you might as well gain something out of it. We think DU will declare attendance as not a compulsory thing because the North Campus roads can hardly tackle the sparse Delhi rains. We hope they do!

Buses Drown Under Minto Bridge


You thought you were making a smart choice by avoiding the auto, metro and cab, and taking the DTC bus. You’re pretending like you are in a Bollywood movie while you put your hand out of the bus window and *thud*! Welcome to your Tum Mile scene. Your bus has drowned under the Minto bridge. Wait, this isn’t our imagination. This actually happened last week when an orange cluster bus coming from Connaught Place got trapped under the Minto bridge in the afternoon.

Now, we aren’t monsoon haters. We like our puddles and splashes, every now and then. But this romance between Mumbai rains and Delhi, let’s just say we could skip it.

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