From New York To Chicago, Tried All Types Of Cheesecakes? Wait, Till You Read This!

Cheesecakes are pure delight. They’re creamy, soft and contain a great deal of happiness! Picture some crushed graham crackers that come together to hold a layer of flavored cream cheese that is decorated with a beautiful layer of juicy raspberries. Gorgeous, right?

But it’s important for you to know what your cheesecake is really like! Do your favorite dessert some justice and read further!

Broadly cheesecakes are of two types. Baked and Unbaked. They are however divided into more categories.

Check out these different types of cheesecakes :

1. New York Style Cheesecake :

new york cheese

This rich and dense cheesecake relies on heavy cream and eggs that gives it a beautiful creamy texture.

2. Chicago Style Cheesecake :

Chicago style Cheesecake

Using cream cheese, this baked cheesecake is firm on the outside and creamy on the inside.

3. Pennsylvania Dutch Style Cheesecake :

Pennislvania style cheesecake

This cheesecake calls for a tangy type of cheese, known as pot or farmer’s cheese.

4. Philadelphia Style Cheesecake :

Philaphedia cheesecake

Having a lighter texture than New York Style Cheesecake, yet richer in taste, this cake is rare and its recipe is a well-guarded secret.

5. German Style Cheesecake :

German style Cheesecake

German Style Cheesecakes are unbaked and use Quark (dairy product) and freshly made dough, not graham crackers.

6. French Style Cheesecake :

French Style Cheesecake

Made with Neufchâtel cheese and gelatin, this type of cheesecake is extremely light in texture.

Broadly, cheesecakes are made up of the same ingredients, with slight variations from region to region.

The only constant thing here would be your appetite! *Evil grin*

*Stuffs a spoonful of cheesecake in mouth*

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