10 Unique Romantic Cafes That Will Impress Your Date Without Breaking Your Wallet!

Waking up to nice warm day, dressing up in the best of the outfits, playing Phil Collins on the stereo and meeting up our partners for a romantic dinner date! Yeah, that’s the idea of Valentine’s day. Everything just seems to be beautiful and wonderful and we’re totally in awe of this day! But at the end, you don’t appreciate a burn in your wallet, or do you?
So, we curated a list of off beat and budget friendly places that you’d love to pieces, that wouldn’t really make you feel guilty of splurging. 

Chateau, Adchini :


A restaurant comprising of Greek ambience, serving the best of Mediterranean and French cuisine, this place is sure to make you fall in love! The place is well done with classic white walls along with elegant wooden décor. Order from their range of salads and flat breads. Do give their Pastas a try.
Cost for two : ₹1500

Moets Oh! Bao, Defence Colony :


A beautiful restaurant in Defence Colony, this place serves you East Asian cuisine in the best of the interiors. Lovely light teal colour wooden furniture along with diamond shaped lamps makes this place the perfect destination for a Valentine’s lunch date. The service is quick, and the presentation is beautiful!
Cost for two : ₹1200

Civil House, Khan Market :


Tucked in the posh Khan Market, Civil house give you the classic French vibe. The breath taking French décor, with all the mirrors and embellishments, is the main attraction and so is the terrace seating. This place serves amazing European cuisine. A complete bliss for non vegetarians!
Cost for two : ₹1500

Threads, Shahpur Jat :


Located in the lanes of Shahpur Jat Village, this fashion boutique cum cafe is a small place to enjoy your bites. A super cute café, with bright colourful décor, serving fairly good portions of food at a great price is all you need. Bonus? Your date can purchase some designer stuff while they prepare your order!
Cost for two : ₹700

Coast Café, Hauz Khas Village :


If you have a thing for Keralite cuisine, go this awesome place for some kickass Malabari food. This place has got the best of ambience and zimbly nice balcony area for you to relish on some Prawn curry and Malabari Kokum Fish Curry with Rice.
Cost for two : ₹1300

Cafeteria and Co., Satyaniketan:


At the start of Satyaniketan, the go-to place for south campus people, Cafeteria and co. welcomes you. With a huge restaurant area, this place has got some really nice cuisines for you and your partner to enjoy. Being the hub of college goers, this place is forever lit. Awesome and budgetsome!
Cost for two : ₹800

Café Hawkers, Connaught Place :


If you’re looking for budget booze and food, Café hawkers is the place to go. Situated in Delhi’s heart aka Connaught Place, this place rocks it with the lively ambience and food. Ideal for a great evening date.
Cost for two : ₹1200

Rustom’s Café and Bakery, Malviya Nagar :


Rustom’s Bakery and Café has everything you seek as a foodie. The beautiful crockery on the wall along with some vintage posters would make you wanna make this place your second home. And oh! The warmth! You and your date will forever cherish the memories of this place!
Cost for two : ₹700

28 Capri Italy, Defence Colony :


Virtually taking you to the city of Capri, this Italian restaurant is a sure way to impress your partner. Offering a sassy menu and a decent décor, this places shall make you go Mamma Mia!
Cost for two : ₹1500

JugMug Thela, Saket :


If you and your mate’s soul is made up of caffeine, and your idea of a date is simply a nice cup of chai or coffee, go to this place in Saket. In the middle of Champa Gali in Saidulajab,with a calm outdoor seating area, this place promises a great time!
Cost for two : ₹500

Café De Art, Connaught Place :


A mini Art Gallery cum Café, this place is perfect for you and your date to enjoy Swiss Latte or Terrapin and some sandwiches. The place is serene and spacious, and just the right place to have long conversations over food!
Cost for two : ₹600
So, now that you guys know where to go for your special day, start preparing already. We can totally sense the excitement building up!

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