Don’t be confused this Valentines’ Day! Stand out with these innovative gifts under ₹2000!

Yet another Valentine’s day and we’re all struggling to look for some out of the box gifts for our partners because we really are tired of gifting chocolates, perfumes and boring teddy bears!

So, this year, look beyond the cliche stuff and impress your loved one with some of these amazing gifts!

Propshop24 :


Go to this site to settle the crazy child in you. Choose from their sassy collection of bags and travel accessories. P.S. Their collection of posters is darn good! So good, you won’t regret splurging

Nezaro :


Thy heart shall sink to the bottom as you’ll glance over the beautifully delicate jewellery from Nezaro! Their ‘less is more’ kinda pieces are just awe-strucking! Your girl shall definitely stand out in this, believe us!

Dandelion :


In case your girlfriend is pretty much fascinated by Jess from New Girl and drools over her PJs look, get her a freakaliciously cute pair of PJs from Dandelion and see her smile like a baby! And hey, they have a collection for men too!

The Souled Store :


When they named this online portal, they literally meant it! Just curated for your soul, this site offers amazing collection of mugs, posters, eye masks and Oh! Those quirky Painted Shoes! So, whether your partner is another Sheldon Cooper or simply a cartoon freak, this site has got all you seek!

The Flying Squirrel :


We bet, if your partner is a religious coffee drinker, this would be the best goddamn thing. Yeah, we know how a caffeine addict reacts to the aroma of coffee! And coffee by Flying squirrel would just be the best possible thing! See them crush you with joy!

The Cover Market :


This Instagram account is all about Lit Phone covers! So trendy and beautiful! Choose from a range of romantic phone cases, then add photos & text of your choice and voila! your very own personalized phone case is ready!

The Burnt Soul :


This instagram page is bound to drive you crazy with their collection of bags! So chic, you don’t wanna miss! They’ve got a huge collection ranging from sling to duffle bags, a sure shot way to get your way through her heart!

Stalk Buy Love :


Buy her a beautiful Valentines Day dress and see her look all glamorous! Also, that saves her from all the shopping hassle! Whatte perfect gift!

Nykaa :


Looking for the perfect destination to save bucks on make-up products? Visit the make up paradise, visit Nykaa! Make your girl feel pampered with all the shades of her favorite lip colours and conceal the deal!

You can heave a sigh of relief, peeps! Now, just get your outfits ready for the special day!

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