Pizza Waffles to Waffle Sticks! We’ve got them all at THE WAFFLE FEST!

Have you been love struck by waffles? Can’t get enough of that crunchy, buttery crust smothered in toppings? If so, then Just Delhiing and Select CITYWALK, Saket are delighted to present The Waffle Fest on 3rd, 4th and 5th November!  A one of a kind event that is meant to satisfy your sweet tooth.


What to look for:

After all, what could be better than freshly made waffles, plopped off the hot grill and into your plate? And that’s not all. We’ve got a whopping variety of every waffle you could dream up! Think Waffle sticks, pops, sundaes, sandwiches, waffle cakes, red velvet waffles and savory waffles. We can bet that you have never tried Butter Chicken waffles or Old monk waffles, right? *wink wink *. Combine it with a plethora of other desserts like pies, tarts, cakes and brownies; and we have got a party on our hands! Excited yet?

The waffle fest

But if somehow, waffles have not been able to take up permanent residence in your hearts, don’t get disheartened, because we have also got plenty of other salty munchies (pizzas, fries, hot dogs!) along with mocktails and shakes to wet your parched throats. And don’t forget the Instagram Garden for those perfect dessert pictures and selfies!

waffle 6
It’s not over yet, because we have also come up with a whole lot of fun activities for you all. Who doesn’t love flash-mobs and face painting competitions, huh?! And if you’re still searching for a reason to party, then look no further. Cause Select City has completed a decade and they’re gonna celebrate this momentous occasion with the Waffle Fest.
So get ready for the sweetest event in town because it’s gonna be wafflelicious!

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