A Whole Fest dedicated to Waffles and There is Nothing “Mini” about it!

We’re sure you’ve heard about India’s very first Waffle Festival that’s gonna take place at Select City Walk on 3rd, 4th and 5th November. And let us assure you, there’s nothing ‘mini’ about our waffle fest! We have planned to let you experience the most stupendous amount of crazy waffle varieties (more than a 100, omg!), most of which you haven’t even heard of. Who wants to eat the plain ole’ syrup and chocolate drizzled waffles, when you can have Pizza Waffles, Rainbow Waffles, Butter Chicken Waffles and Bubble Waffles along with Waffle Pops, Sticks and Sundaes.


And surprise, surprise! The entry is abso-effing- lutely freeee. So you won’t have to lighten your wallets to experience the most amazing (and the sweetest!) event in town. Still need more reasons to visit? Listen close, cuz we’ve got plenty! Apart from a pretty impressive vendor line-up including Waffle Wallah, Woodbox Café, Sardarbuksh Coffee, Baked and Wrapped, Fluffles, Waffle NinjaTurquoise Turkish Ice cream and many, many more; we’ve also got the comfort of a well-known surrounding. So there’s no need to stray far from your homes, just come to the mall, shop your hearts out, munch some noms and get a sweet fix whenever your blood sugar’s running a little low!


In addition to that, the space is fully air-conditioned and that’s gonna be a huge relief, as this oppressive heat is showing no signs of letting up. And if you still need something to chill, we’ve got plenty of freak-shakes and mock-tails for your parched throats! So book the date, guys cuz it’s gonna be wafflicious!

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